March 2014 Program

Saturday, March 15

12 Noon: Na Saora Bad - The Galway Hooker

Director: Cian de Buitléar
Running Time: 55 min

With their shiny black tumblehone, elegant spars and calico sails, Irelands Galway Hookers have long held a fascination for sailors around the world. Once used to carry turf and ferry cargo around the west coast of Ireland, they have now evolved into racing crafts and cruising vessels and can be seen regularly throughout the summer months on both the east and west coast. This film chronicles the building of one such craft, Star of the West. A collaboration between shipwright, Johnny Healion, the man at the center of the hooker revival, and the boat’s owner who lovingly filmed and photographed the entire project, yields a magical insight into a world where boats are born and the craft of the men who were born to build them.

1:30 pm: King of the Travellers

Director: Mark O'Connor
Running Time 80 min

The film centres on John Paul Moorehouse, a Traveller determined to uncover the truth about his father’s murder a decade earlier. This quest coincides with familial pressures to constantly provoke members of the rival Power family, as well as struggles to avoid conflict with the local settled community, who may have more criminal persuasions than the Travellers they demonise.

3:30 pm: The Boys of St. Columb's

Director: Tom Collins
Running Time 54 min

The Boys of St. Columb’s tells the story of 8 men who started out in St. Columb’s school in Derry City in Northern Ireland. Born around the second-world war, they knew fear and segregation as young boys. Their circumstances forced them precociously to consider their downtrodden status. Looking to education, they saw the one thing that would raise them out of their oppression. This education would lead them to become some of the most important figures in Irish culture in recent history. This documentary invites an audience of young and old to hear the story of Seamus Heaney (Nobel Laureate), John Hume (Nobel Laureate), Ambassador James Sharkey, Phil Coulter, Paul Brady, Eamonn McCann, Seamus Deane and Bishop Edward Daly.

Sunday, March 16

12 Noon: The Boys of St. Columb's

See Description Above

3:30pm Special Presentation

In celebration of Irish Week, please join us for an exclusive presentation of films by Éamon and Cian de Buitléar. We have the unique pleasure of a special guest appearance by Roísin de Buitléar who will share her personal perspective of her family’s acclaimed contributions to Ireland’s artistic and cultural heritage. A celebrated glass artist, Roísin recently created a glass art exhibition currently on view at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, entitled CAUTION! Fragile. Irish Glass -Tradition in Transition. She is the honorary Grand Marshall for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities presented by the Irish Heritage Club.

A Life in the Wild (25 min)

Éamon de Buitléar (1930 – 2013) was an Irish writer, musician, filmmaker and environmentalist. He is probably best known for his natural history film series produced for RTE called “Amuigh Faoin Speir” (Under an Open Sky) which was broadcast on national television for over 30 years. We’ll hear in Éamon’s own words the origins of the series and see a selection of some of the most beloved episodes of the series.

Islandman (52 min)

Cian de Buitléar followed in his footsteps and is an acclaimed filmmaker in his own right. The father-son duo teamed up to make Islandman (2005), a feature length documentary that retells the story of the last trading skipper of a Galway Hooker, Johnny Bailey. In his native tongue, Johnny relates his life and times as a fourth generation ‘Máistir Bád Mór’, on his family boat, the oldest Galway Hooker in existence today. The boat served its time delivering turf and goods for two hundred years to the Aran Islands and around Galway Bay. Beautifully made on location in Conamara and Galway, this captivating film by Éamon and Cian includes some of the most dramatic sailing sequences of traditional Hookers ever shown