Welcome to the Seattle Irish Reels Film Festival 2016. Now in our nineteenth year we are delighted to bring to you a wonderful collection of refreshing and exciting new works in Irish cinema.

Join us for Irish Week celebrations at the Seattle Armory, Loft Suite 3 on Saturday March 12th & Sunday March 13th 2016 for screenings of contemporary Irish cinema. Screenings run from Noon-5pm both days. And save the date for our fall festival October 7-9, 2016 at SIFF Cinema.

FREE Screenings at the Seattle Center
Saturday, March 12th & Sunday, March 13th, 2016
TIME: 12:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: The Armory, Loft Suite 3
No tickets required. Come one, come all!

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Saturday, March 12th

12:00pm: Mary McAleese & The Man Who Saved Europe (59mins)

Director: Declan McGrath
Irish monk Columbanus and his disciples established over one hundred centres of scholarship and spirituality throughout the European continent. These foundations are said to have preserved Western civilization during the Dark Ages. The former President travels through Ireland, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, to uncover Columbanus' legacy. She discovers that the ultimate relevance of Columbanus' story is how it shows the benefits of being hospitable to the "other", and how such openness to diversity can offer lessons to the often fractured Europe of today.

1:30pm: Shorts Program 1

Spiorad na Samhna (8mins)
Director: Dessie Baker
Spiorad na Samhna – Spirit of Samhain. Narrated by Dr. Jenny Butler from the Folklore Department of University College Cork, Spiorad na Samhna is a bi-lingual film that traces the origins of Halloween to the Celtic festival of Samhain.

Pedestrian Crossing (6mins)
Director: Colin Murnaner
Pedestrian Crossing is a short film inspired by the Noble Call delivered at The Abbey Theatre Dublin by Irish drag queen and rights campaigner Panti Bliss. The Noble Call lit the touch-paper that helped carry the marriage equality referendum, when Ireland became the first country in the world to enshrine marriage equality by popular vote.

Lost and Found (20mins)
Director: Liam O’Neill
Charlie and his recently widowed mom struggle to move on with their lives. There’s money trouble too, but Charlie has a plan. View Trailer

In Ribbons (10mins)
Director: Marie-Valerie Jeantelot
1960’s Ireland and little Laurie, surrounded by her toys, waits for her father to return home. Elated by the gift of the new dress that he brings her, she especially loves the red ribbons that he ties into her long hair. Laurie’s father is taking her on a journey; to a destination that is within walking-distance from her house, yet is a place that is far from home… Trailer and Website

3:00pm: John Ford: Dreaming the Quiet Man (90mins)

Director: Sé Merry Doyle
When it was released The Quiet Man became a monster hit all across the world and won Oscars for Best Director and Best Cinematography. Its impact went way beyond the Irish Diaspora and it has resonated with international audiences for over 50 years now. Narrated by Gabriel Byrne, this documentary delves in to the psyche of John Ford and his twenty year struggle to bring his homage to his parent's homeland to the screen. Featuring interviews with Maureen O'Hara, Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich, Jim Sheridan, William Dowling, and Joe McBride. Trailer and Website.

Sunday, March 13th

12:00pm: A City Dreaming (60mins)

Director: Mark McCauley
Written and narrated by Gerry Anderson, this documentary film is a beautiful portrait of Derry-Londonderry. A series of personal and intimate recollections of a city and its people, this is a story that weaves its way through half a century of history during a time that saw the city from poverty and neglect, to hitting the headlines across the world.

1:00pm: Shorts Program 2

A Hearth of Our Own (25mins)
Director: Gabrielle Ewing
After being forced out of Ireland following the economic collapse of 2008, Jacob is now one of 50,000 undocumented Irish immigrants living in the United States. Working as a bartender in New York City, he makes more money than he could dream of making in his rural hometown. With his dreams of opening his own bar hanging in the balance, he faces the threat of deportation unless he can marry an American girl—for papers instead of love. Trailer.

The Suffering Kind (27mins)
Director: Kevin Liddy Michael Hannan, a sanitation worker in the town of Newburgh, upstate New York, who, recently sober, is getting through the days as best he can. Winner Spirit of IndieCork Award. Trailer.

2:00pm: The Blue & The Green: Seattle Police Pipes & Drums Tour of Ireland (40mins)

Director: Vaun Raymond
In 2014, filmmaker Vaun Raymond followed the Seattle Police Pipes & Drums band from Dublin to Belfast to Galway, and many places in between, as they played music for the Irish people and visited their counterparts in the Garda and Police Service of Northern Ireland. The trip was a milestone in the band's mission to honor fallen police officers and buld positive relationships between police and communities everywhere.

3:00pm: A Terrible Beauty (97mins)

Director: Keith Farrell
A Terrible Beauty is a feature docudrama which takes a unique look at the events of Easter Week 1916 in Dublin. This is the first film to tell the story from three different perspectives, Irish Volunteers, British soldiers and the innocent civilians caught in the middle. It focuses on the two most ferocious battles that took place during the Irish Rebellion of 1916, the battles of Mount Street and North King Street. By mixing archive footage with dramatic reconstructions and first-hand accounts it takes the viewer on a journey to the very heart of the conflict, giving them an up close and personal view of the often brutal and bloody fight which affected the lives of the men and women caught up in the maelstrom. Website and Trailer.