A Doctor's Sword

Director: Gary Lennon
A Doctor's Sword Running Time: 77mins
Year: 2016

A Doctor's Sword tells the almost unbelievable tale of a young doctor from Cork (Aidan MacCarthy) who survived some of the most harrowing episodes of the 20th century including evacuation from Dunkirk, almost four years as a Japanese prisoner of war and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. We follow his family’s journey to Japan to uncover the origin of the Japanese Samurai sword which now resides in MacCarthy’s Bar in Castletownbere, West Cork. Trailer


Director: Risteard O’Domhnaill
Running Time: 75mins
Atlantic Year: 2014

Best Irish Documentary at the Dublin International Film Festival 2016
‘Atlantic’ is the new feature documentary from Risteard O’Domhnaill (The Pipe, 2010). Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Brendan Gleeson, the film explores ocean resource mismanagement across Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland (Canada). When traditional fishing communities meet big oil and overfishing, what does the future hold? Filmed in some of the most remote and breathtaking locations in the North Atlantic, and at close quarters with some of the sea’s most captivating characters, Atlantic brings to the fore three very intimate stories from the global resource debate.

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Make Inishturk Great Again (10mins)
Director: David Freid
This little Irish island has a big Donald Trump problem.

I Am Belfast

Director: Mark Cousins
Running Time: 84mins
I Am Belfast Year: 2015

For too long, Belfast has been known primarily as the heart of the Irish Troubles, the bloody sectarian conflict between Catholic Nationalists and Protestant Unionists. Yet the city itself has a vital industrial, economic, and, most important, cultural history—one explored by its favorite cinematic child, Mark Cousins (Life May Be, The Story of Film: An Odyssey). Personifying Belfast as an older woman, Cousins embarks upon a meditative dialogue that explores his hometown's changing landscape, delving into its history while also addressing philosophical questions about the city as an urban phenomenon and how, in turn, it affects the nature of humanity. Featuring the gorgeously lush cinematography of Christopher Doyle (a frequent collaborator of Wong Kar-wai), I am Belfast is a visually poetic love letter to Northern Ireland's capital.

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Always Now (8 mins)
Director: Marcus Robinson
In September 2015 Van Morrison returned to Cyprus Avenue to play a concert for his 70th birthday.


Director: Rebecca Daly
Running Time: 99mins
Mammal Year: 2015

Winner Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema (Rebecca Daly), Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Nominated Grand Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival 2016
Selected for European Film Awards 2016

This moving new feature from director Rebecca Daly (The Other Side of Sleep) depicts the pains of love, loss and purposelessness and how they manifest in ways we never expect. Margaret (Oscar nominee Rachel Griffiths), a divorced woman living alone in Dublin, learns that her teenage son has been found dead. Enduring her unsettling grief privately, she escapes daily to the local swimming pool. One day at the pool she runs into Joe (Barry Keoghan),, a homeless youth she found injured late one night in the deserted laneway behind her work. Margaret offers Joe a room in her house and an unorthodox relationship starts to develop between them. Margaret’s ex-husband Matt (Michael McElhatton), begins to turn up randomly in Margaret’s life. As Margaret and Joe’s mutual reliance grows their tentative trust is threatened by the escalation of Matt’s grieving rage and Joe’s involvement with a gang of violent youths.

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Love at First Light (1min)
Director: Caroline Grace-Cassidy
A mixup occurs the morning after a one night stand.

My Name is Emily

Director: Simon Fitzmaurice
Running Time: 94mins
My Name is Emily Year: 2016

Winner Bingham Ray New Talent Award (Kathryn Kennedy:Producer) Best Cinematography (Simon Deasey) Galway Film Fleadh 2016
After her mother dies and her father is institutionalized, Emily (Evanna Lynch, Harry Potter series) is placed in a foster home and in a new school where she is ostracized. When her father’s annual card fails to arrive on her 16th birthday, Emily knows something’s wrong. She decides to take matters into her own hands and, enlisting her only friend at school, Arden (George Webster), sets off on a road trip to break her father out of the psych ward. As their journey progresses Emily and Arden become close, and both come to realize important truths about the nature of relationships, both to their parents and to each other.
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Stutterer (12mins)
Director: Benjamin Cleary
A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment but an eloquent inner voice must face his greatest fear. Trailer

Older Than Ireland

Director: Alex Fegan
Running Time: 77mins
Older Than Ireland Year: 2016

OLDER THAN IRELAND tells the story of a hundred years of a life as seen through the eyes of thirty Irish men and women aged 100 or over. Often funny and at times poignant, the film explores each centenarian's journey, from their birth at the dawn of Irish independence to their life as a centenarian in modern day Ireland. Having witnessed a century of immense social, political and technological change each centenarian has a unique perspective on life and its true meaning. From the oldest Irish person ever on record, 113-year-old Kathleen Snavely to Ireland's oldest man, 108-year-old Luke Dolan we meet a colourful cast of characters, from all walks of life, from the four corners of Ireland....Director Alex Fegan will attend.
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Alex Fegan

Alex Fegan Alex Fegan directed and edited the documentaries Older Than Ireland (2015) and The Irish Pub (2013) both of which were released in cinemas in Ireland and in North America. Older Than Ireland won Best Documentary at the Galway Film Fleadh 2015 and The Irish Pub recently made the coveted 'Popular on Netflix' category. His previous films include the shorts, The Court Astronomer (2012) and the feature, Man Made Men (2011). Alex was nominated as a Rising Star at the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards, 2016 as well as the Galway Film Fleadh Bingham Ray New Talent Award 2015. Alex is also a qualified lawyer, having practiced in Dublin and Cork.

You're Ugly Too

Director: Mark Noonan
Running Time: 79mins
You're Ugly Too Year:2015

Winner Best Feature, Galway Film Fleadh 2015
Winner Directors Finders Award (Mark Noonan), Directors Finders Series, Ireland 2015
Winner Best Screenplay, Athens International Film Festival 2015

After her mother's death, Stacey (Lauren Kinsella) moves with her uncle Will (Aiden Gillen) to a remote region in the Irish midlands. As the two cautiously get to know each other, they suffer a series of setbacks; Stacey is refused admission to the local school because of her recently developed narcolepsy; Will repeatedly comes close to breaking his prison ordered curfew; and his attempts at being a father figure to her prove disastrous… As their future hangs in the balance they must search for a new way forward together.

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Violet (8min)
Director: Maurice Joyce
’Violet’ is the dark, cautionary tale of a young girl who despises her reflection.

Short Film Program I:

3:00pm: Saturday, Oct 8th

Short Film: Violet In This Place (18mins)
Director: Alec Moore
Mark was a local GAA star but hasn't played in a few years. The only thing he puts over the bar these days is his dole and his girlfriend is in Australia.

Death of a Projectionist (15mins)
Director: Jonathan Beer
Combining 35mm and digital footage, The Death of a Projectionist is the story of Gerry, an ageing cinema projectionist challenged by change.

Fingerprints (20mins)
Director: Jimmy Smallhorne
Short Film: Violet In a school on a tough, working class estate in Dublin, a troubled boy’s life is threatened by the growing concerns of his teacher.

Violet (8mins)
Director: Maurice Joyce
’Violet’ is the dark, cautionary tale of a young girl who despises her reflection.

Pat (12mins)
Director: Shaun O'Connor
Pat is a retired postman who still goes on his daily rounds in the local village. The community love him, but the bullying Mangon wants to put a stop to the pretense. Trailer

Short Film Program II:

3:00pm: Sunday, Oct 9th

Short Film: Love is a Sting Love is a Sting (19mins)
Director: Vincent Gallagher
At his lowest point, struggling children's book writer Harold Finch gains an unexpected house guest in the form of Anabel Shine: a 20 year old hyper-intelligent mosquito. Anabel has literally been the fly on the wall throughout history, but has never managed to communicate with a human. She will attempt to do so now, even if it kills her. Trailer

Disappear (11mins)
Director: Shaun O'Connor
In a psychiatrist's office, Charlie, a young man whose life has been all but ruined by anxious thoughts has recently come to a new and frightening conclusion about his condition, fearing that he may literally disappear into thin air. His psychiatrist, Lorraine calmly attempts to reason with him about the improbability of these fears.
However, Charlie's deep convictions and extensive research on the subject lead Lorraine to worry that this may be much more than just another passing notion.... Trailer

Short Film: Violet Pebbles (15mins)
Director: Jonathan Shaw
On her 50th wedding anniversary a woman returns to the hotel where she spent her honeymoon. Will her estranged husband return to honor a promise?

Love at First Light (1mins)
Director: Caroline Grace-Cassidy
A mixup occurs the morning after a one night stand.

Day Off (15mins)
Director: Stephen Hall
Laura struggles to come to terms with this life changing affliction. Her only distraction is her day off, where once each week she finds time to see friends and socialize.

Stutterer (12mins)
Director: Benjamin Cleary
A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment but an eloquent inner voice must face his greatest fear. Trailer